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January 12, 2007



Evolution isn't what it used to be...

i-BPE Beta Version 1.0 will initiate the development of Interference Technology. This Patent Tracing Engine is part of an ongoing series of Subjective Tooling Systems. It allows users to reflect on and perforate the low visibility of patents which draw on recent biotechnological practice. i-BPE offers an opening source of technological property rights and rules being drawn by the U.S.'s Patent and Trademark Office, today.

The following steps offer a sampling of our patent filter and re-mixing system. USTPO Patents are a combination of numbers, titles, claims, and barcodes. i-BPE (i-Biology Patent Engine) collages it's filtered content. Our engine offers users a lo-fidelity version of file sharing. This file sharing is structured for interactive play with USTrademark Patents as the media to mix. Our goal of collaging this data is meant to pevert the authority of utility and rationality within the Internet, information and the growing transformation of biology into data. A project by Ricardo Dominguez and Diane Ludin.

Posted by jo at January 12, 2007 06:07 PM