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January 11, 2007

Join us Tonight in Second Life


Upgrade! Boston

We will attempt to broadcast Upgrade! Boston again tonight in Second Life. More information on the event (at 7 pm EST). To participate you need to do a few things:

UPGRADE QUICKTIME: Download the latest version of QuickTime. JOIN SECOND LIFE: To participate in Upgrade! Boston Second Life you need to join Second Life and create an avatar. Go to Second Life and register with them (there is no cost to joining and obtaining an avatar).

SLURL: Use this SLURL (Second Life URL) to teleport to the event in Second Life.

TURN AUDIO AND VIDEO ON: It is important that you make sure that your audio and video are turned on. Choose Edit > Preferences Audio-Video = √ Play Streaming Music and √ Play Streaming Video.

LIVE WEB CAM: Press the play button on the Movie control at the bottom of the screen. The screen will appear in front of the chairs. This will only be live if we are broadcasting in realtime.

We will project the Second Life broadcast off to the side of the live presentations so that the RL audience can see what is happening in-world. If the sound quality is poor we will do our best to keep the SL audience up with the discussion by transcribing in SLs Chat window. The SL audience is encouraged to participate by asking questions which we will read aloud.

John (Craig) Freeman

Posted by jo at January 11, 2007 02:16 PM