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January 07, 2007

High Noon


Mobile Phone Duels

High Noon is an installation that links an analogue machine to the cyber world of cell phones. "The game is simply a duel," explains David Pfluger who created the work together with the other members of mobileskino. "Two cowboys are projected facing each other onto two screens. They are waiting to duel. The projections are Super8 loops.

There are two playing modes: 1. Two players come and attach their cell phones to the machine. Then onto a signal teach player has to use an old telephone with the classic turning dial to call himself as fast as possible. The first cell phone to react to the incoming call will make one of the cowboys shoot the other one. The funny thing about this duel is that many people today have actually never used a classic turning dial. Also many do not know their own cell phone number by heart!

2. During one hour between noon and 1 pm the second playing mode is active. Anyone can register for a duel by sending an SMS to a certain number. A computer administrates the incoming messages and chooses two players from the list for a duel. The players receive an SMS with a code word which they have to send back written backwards. The one who is first will win. This mode makes it posible to play the game also with people who are not present at the exibition of the installation. The cowboys can also start a duel without anyone being present and playing at all because they are driven by two players who are somewhere else.

An old printer attached to the computer will always print the nicknames of the actual duellists and show who won and who lost." [blogged by Emily on textually.org]

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