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December 19, 2006

Low-fi Guest Selections


Charlie Gere + Cory Arcangel

Touch in art and elsewhere by Charlie Gere :: Recently, for various reasons, I have become interested in the question of touch, in art and elsewhere. We live in a world in which the ways in which we can communicate with each other become more and more immaterial, incorporeal and virtual, particularly through the increased use and greater ubiquity of digital technologies. In this context touch is often occluded and, at the same time, overly fetishised. In the last half century or so, there has been an increasing interest in touch in art, especially in relation to performance and telematic works, that may be a response to the increasing virtualisation of culture, though the question of touch can be traced in far older works, particularly some of those dealing with the life of Christ, which is, whether we are religious or otherwise, the founding myth of Western culture, and which has determined much of our understanding of questions of presence and absence, corporeality and spirituality, and our relation to the senses and thus to touch.

Cory Arcangel's Offline Art Show: Hello, for this project I have been asked to curate a small "online" artshow by low-fi.org.uk. Therefore, for a reason I am unable to explain myself, I have decided to put together this show "offline" aka - with no internet connection. So, since I have no Internet, I can't check my bookmarks to see what I've been interested in lately, and I can't search though my email to help me remember cool stuff I've seen lately, so basically I just have to remember the stuff off the top of my head. More >>

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