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December 18, 2006

San Jose Airport


Request for Proposals

San Jose Airport Request for Proposals :: US residents only. Design / Fabrication / Installation of a Suspended Artwork (Open Call) :: We are seeking to commission an artist to design, fabricate, and install a suspended artwork for the San Jose Airport's North Concourse. The opportunity offers a wide range of possibilities, including, but not limited to: visually large scale, modular, dynamic, interactive, kinetic, involving data mining and visualization, and/or web-based interaction. The commission is $375,000.

The San José Art Public Art Program continues to be a model for other programs due to its extensive community outreach and participation. Each new project begins with communities defining broad goals to be considered in the development of the artwork. Artists are subsequently selected by community-based panels from the Artist Pool. Selected artists typically meet between two and four times with community members before and during the design process, in order to gain understanding of community goals, and to get feedback on designs.

Mary A. Rubin, Senior Project Manager
San Jose Public Art Program
365 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(P) 408 277-5144 x 16 (f) 408 277-3160
San Jose Public Art

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