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December 07, 2006

BBC Radio 3


Soft Message by Blast Theory

Soft Message by Blast Theory :: BBC Radio 3 :: Thursday 7th December, 10.00pm :: Visitors to the Radio 3 website agreed to be rung at any time of the day and night. Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr from Blast Theory interviewed them during a one week period.

The calls catch people drunk at parties, in art galleries and out on the street. We hear them arguing, shouting at their cats or as their friends grab the handset. They open their lives to the listener, they reveal secrets and declarations of love. From the first call to a Mancunian goth pretending to be Romanian we follow these four people through a week in their lives.

The conversations use the intermittent, slow motion nature of the interview to explore the things that are rarely said, rarely heard. And, most importantly, we hear the voices of people alone, confessing, contemplating, opening up.

The programme explores the ways in which radio and telephones lend themselves to a certain kind of intimacy. The programme asks how is the rise of the mobile phone affecting how we talk to one another and what does it mean to talk to strangers?

About Blast Theory: Blast Theory is internationally renowned as one of the most adventurous artist’s groups using interactive media. The group’s work has been shown around the world, most recently in Berlin and Singapore. The group was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica in 2003 and has been nominated for five Interactive BAFTAs.

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