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November 24, 2006

Franck Ancel



5G :: While the sixth Guggenheim Museum was under construction in Mexico, in 2006, I captured data on the five existing Guggenheims. The traces of this very real course provide an echo of a possible virtual construction of a museum on a planetary scale, of which the Guggenheims are the symbol. The shift from a fluid architecture of the virtual to a reality of the constructed form takes shape in the final stage of my project in Paris, involving a 3D video animation created by Brian Bey, and a resin model, from 3D prototyping, in collaboration with the IDO company, that is based on the elements I brought together.

This 5G is composed of a photo, in conjunction with GPS coordinates showing the exact position of the images taken in front of the 5 Guggenheims in Berlin in June, Bilbao in July, New York and Las Vegas in August, and Venice in September. 5G thus defines itself as the outline for a performance-installation networking several sites on a global scale. A unique moment that is in symbiosis with the projected entity involving more than a hundred Guggenheims all over the world that is now being studied.

This project has already outlined the infinite scope for feasible artistic achievement in terms of the distribution and exchange of tomorrow's works of art, in the all-digital age. But it is also a tribute to the will of one woman, Peggy Guggenheim, that is directed towards artistic creation -- a woman who was cursed in the 20th century and is more than acknowledged today. For the transmutation of living forms involves an endless movement, and it is only this current epoch of ours that has established the bounds to be crossed.

Born in 1970, France, Franck Ancel lives in Paris. He has been exploring technology for more than fifteen years, tracing the development from the avant-gardes artists of the last century to the recent mutations of creation on a planetary scale. He has also organized and coordinated symposiums, expositions, and performances in cooperation with associations and institutions. The last one was a retrospective on Jacques Polieri, the creator of ”modern scenography,” at the BnF. Since the attacks of 9/11, Franck Ancel has set up an interactive triptych probing “architecture – image – technology” on 20th century heritage sites. In 2002, he put it in the Le Corbusier/Xenakis convent; in 2003 in a classified theater in Catalogne; and in 2004 on the screen of Montparnasse Tower in Paris. Franck Ancel challenges the viewer outside traditional frontiers, by projecting a setting of a network of information on screens. At the same time, he analyzes this technique on a more theoretical level in texts and talk. It encloses thus in 2005 a cycle of five communications for five continents with a world internet premiere from a plane flying from Shanghai to Munich. In 2006, he continues to open to the world with a digital capture in the world’s five Guggenheim museums and launches UFOs on this website remixarts.com

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