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November 10, 2006

In the Chair


Web 2.0 Replaces Music Teachers

"SAN FRANCISCO -- In the cacophony of mashups, widgets and collaboration tools demoed at the third annual Web 2.0 Summit here, one rang out as the biggest crowd pleaser: a musical instrument instruction web app with a golden ear and infinite patience.

Called In the Chair, the application encourages music students and budding guitar heroes to play along with real musicians by syncing scrolling sheet music with a prerecorded video of a band playing the song. The app monitors your playing through your computer's microphone, and gives you instant feedback on whether you played the right note with the right timing.

In the Chair CEO David Evans observed correctly that the application turns music practice into something closer to a video game. He also announced a new web component that lets composers and teachers alter, remix or collaborate on each other's uploaded sheet music..." Continue reading Web 2.0 Replaces Music Teachers by Michael Calore, Wired.

Posted by jo at November 10, 2006 09:06 AM