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October 23, 2006



Bulletin No. 9

1. WEBSITE :: This week sees the launch of a new homepage, including documentation of new projects, more information on old projects, works rarely seen, video, sound and writing. I hope you'll take some time to have a look around, and perhaps pass some links along to someone else. This site will be updated fairly often - not as a blog exactly, but as you'll see there are some new ways to keep up with where and what I'm up to.

2. MIRROR SITE :: Also this week, a new sited project launched in Boston and Urbana, a live image/video link between spaces at Brandeis University and the Siebel Center for Computer Science here at University of Illinois. Visitors to the two spaces will experience an occasional, temporal window that opens between the two sites. The project was invited as part of the exhibition Balance and Power: Performance and Surveillance in Video Art, which is currently on display at Brandeis' Rose Museum of Art.

3. PUBLIC TALK IN BOSTON :: In connection with the Balance and Power exhibition I'll be in Boston for a public conversation/discussion with curator Michael Rush, Director of the Rose Museum at Brandeis - the talk will be held on Saturday, November 4 at the Rose Art Museum. Later that week I'll be working with some classes there at Brandeis as well.

4. PUBLICATIONS :: Two recent writing projects, one long and one short, debuted in print and online. My paper for the ISEA symposium, "Absence in Common" is available for download or print-on-demand from the journal Intelligent Agent. My review for the new DVD from People Like Us is the the current issue of MIT Press' Computer Music Journal - I've also included it in full on my website.

5. OTHER PROJECTS :: The Department of Rhythmanalysis met with some good mentions in the Chicago press (WBEZ, New City Chicago) before that exhibit's close at the end of the summer. Be sure and check out the photos on the site, and stay tuned for video documentation soon of this ongoing project.

Mobile Mapping for Everyday Spaces, a long-term research project based here at UIUC but including collaborators in Vancouver, has its own website, with some initial documentation of resulting projects. We're currently in a writing stage of the project, evaluating last Spring's efforts for informed application of what learned about pedagogy and interdisciplinary collaborations.

I've recently joined researcher Brian Bailey's project, the Science of Design, through the Department of Computer Science at UIUC. Together we received a National Science Foundation grant for development of new tools to aid in supporting rich, critical development processes for interactive art and design. In connection with this project I'll be leading a new, experimental course this Spring at UIUC that focuses on collaboration in the context of theme or content-based problems in new media and public space.


- Panel presentation at College Art Association conference in NYC, February
- Zeno Boundary in an upcoming traveling exhibition, along with a new web presence
- CHI (Computer/Human Interaction) Workshop in San Jose in April 2007
- Paper for Interfaces symposium, UIUC in April 2007
- a mystery video project

Thank you for your time.

Kevin Hamilton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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