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October 05, 2006

Media for Invisible Cities


cargo media space, belgium

Forum, online mixilogy - open project Invisible Cities.

Self Published, Weak Media traces and marks of a search for new ways of using media. Here we keep asking the question how we can make the most recent media work for us. How can we benefit from them in terms of our own development? Which capacities do we need for that? At what cost and at what expense? And what do we get in return? Can media account for applications outside their own field? Within the given technological and overtly company-dependent infrastructure, is there any possibility of criticism, experiment or creation? Or does the digital domain confiscate everything within its reach? Do media indeed bring us closer to a clearer understanding of everyday life or do they offer us a horizon by catching us in a web of age-old, endless desires?"

Posted by michelle at October 5, 2006 06:27 PM