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September 28, 2006

Simultaneita: Ars HyperMedia Almanac


Call for Papers and Artworks

Ars HyperMedia, Call for papers and artworks, the submission deadline is November 20, 2006. Simultaneita new media arts magazine is pleased to announce this call for submissions for a special project. Yearly full-color printed "Ars HyperMedia Almanac" on digital culture / media arts. The publication will feature various sections, to be formed through articles, texts, interviews and images. Keywords: -- net / web art -- digital art -- hacker art / hacktivism / artivism -- architecture / design -- dance / theatre -- sound / sonic art / electronic music -- electronic literature -- festivals / art centers / galleries -- curating and preserving new media art -- cross-media -- cinema / animation / comics.

Articles may be 2,000 words in length.

What kind of artworks are we looking for? Digital art, graphic works, illustrations, digital photos, sketches, drawings, video, CD or DVD, graphic novels are accepted. File format: photoshop tiff, jpg 300 dpi.

For more information:

Via Isole Curzolane 18 / E
00139 Roma - Italy

About Simultaneita

"Simultaneita new media arts magazine" is an online journal and periodically printed with international contributors: it's a publication with an explicit futurist attitude, largely aimed at today cultural topics and special reference to art-technology relationship; it features in-depth essays, unpublished materials, reviews, notes and articles on new media arts, digital culture, architecture, music, cinema. Established in 1997 as a printed magazine, Simultaneita' is a direct follow-on from the monthly "Futurismo-Oggi" (1969-1993). A magazine to promote the strength and diversity of new media arts scene and the Futurist legacy: the mission is to be an outlet with a resolutely international orientation for the reflection, knowledge, research and diffusion of these new artistic forms, without wanting to pigeon-hole digital art and its characteristic fluidity.

The magazine was in Sevilla as media partner for "Art Futura '98 the second skin" the new media & digital art festival, "Loop '00" International Video Art festival (Barcelona 2003), ³hack.it.art Hacktivism in the Context of Art and Media in Italy² (Berlin 2005), "Wayleave" art & architecture magazine exhibition (Rome 2005) and "fmx" International Conference on Animation, Effects, Realtime and Content (Stuttgart 2006). Simultaneita was media partner to the 2006 edition of the Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) Symposium / ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge.

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