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September 27, 2006



september :: october 2006

Welcome to Issue 10, featuring projects from Conflux 2006 that investigate social and political spaces within Brooklyn through performance-based intervention, mobile broadcast, historic reenactment and collaborative exploration.

It was a pleasure seeing many familiar and new faces at Conflux this year. The festival took place September 14–17 in Williamsburg and featured projects by over 80 artists from around the world who offered guided and un-guided tours [some of them smelly], street games, workshops, mobile broadcasts, multimedia presentations and more. Despite a little rain, we built and planted and cycled and recycled. Needless to say, the neighborhood was thoroughly explored. More photos and posts are on our site here and on Flickr here. If you have Conflux photos, post 'em and tag 'em: conflux2006.

We're jumping straight back into planning for Conflux 2007 so keep an eye out for a call for participation before the end of the year…

Artistic Souvenirs from Brooklyn by Suvi Aarnio :: Artistic Souvenirs from Brooklyn aims at exploring the intimate sights of Brooklyn together with the residents of the area by creating a small-scale touristic phenomenon around everyday life during the Conflux Festival.

The Smelling Committee by Caitlin Berrigan :: Inspired by the olfactory bravado of the original Smelling Committee, we will lead an historical simulacrum of the 1891 adventure that will invite reflection upon the ephemeral, odiferous fabric of Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Scout: The City in Audio by Emily Conrad, Jeffrey Galusha, Todd Holoubek :: An untamed exploration of New York City through audio via handful of active cell phones set free to roam the city. Their findings are then broadcast live over the FM dial.

Public Parking Revisited: The Storage of Utopia by Ryan Griffis :: This text is an incomplete statement on the history of parking lots in the United States.

24 Hour Roadtrip by Kurt Braunohler, Calvin Johnson and Scott Gabriel Knowles :: A day long journey through the five boroughs of New York City. The 24 Hour Roadtrip is a variation on the conventional great American road trip, but using public transportation instead of a car, and making stops at roadside attractions unique to NYC.

The Former Resident Project by Rachelle Viader Knowles :: Explores the city through the narratives of the no-longer resident, people whose lives have been shaped by their experiences of places they no longer inhabit.

Free Press by Sal Randolph :: Free Press [your book here]. You are invited to contribute to the creation of a worldwide open-access Free Press. Send your manifestos, psychogeographies, theories, and anything else to be published as Free Press books.

St. Agnieska, Patroness of the Waterfront by Kimberly Simpson :: A performance-based pilgrimage to local shrines erected to commemorate the appearance of St. Agnieska, a patron saint who calls attention to toxic hotspots along the waterfront and the work being done by resident activists.

The Pansy Project by Paul Harfleet :: Paul Harfleet explores the origin, processes and development of The Pansy Project, a performative artwork that comments on the experience of verbal homophobic abuse on city streets by planting pansies where abuse occurs.

Have a Seat: Public Seating in an Unused Space by Caroline Woolard :: Public seating is affixed to the posts of NO PARKING signs so that anyone can rest without removing themselves from the reality of urban bustle.


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