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September 11, 2006

Denis Connolly and Anne Cleary


Here There Now Then

Limerick City Gallery of Art presents Here There Now Then by Denis Connolly and Anne Cleary :: 15th September – 27th October 2006 :: The exhibition will be officially opened by Mr Peter Power TD the exhibition at 7pm on Friday 15th September 2006.

Denis Connolly and Anne Cleary, installation and video artists, have lived and worked in Paris since 1990. Their work, which is highly regarded internationally, has appeared in such prestigious events as the Yokohama Triennial and the European Media Art Festival. This entirely new body of work, commissioned by LCGA with support from the Arts Council, uses interactive technology to explore a recurring issue in Cleary & Connolly’s work – the shifting boundary between art and life. The exhibition, comprising six video installations, uses 5 computers, 5 digital video cameras, and seven video projectors to create an exhibition where the spectator becomes actor, the gallery becomes theatre and the artist becomes spectator.

Collaboration has always been central to Connolly and Cleary’s work, and no less here. One of the works in the exhibition was created with Eriko Momotani who will be present at the opening to recreate one of her improvised soirées musicales, while at later date, October 14th at 3pm, the artists will be working with London based dancers John Hurley and Laura Murphy to create an interactive dance performance, made possible by Chris Hurley of the Cork Film Centre and Daghdha Dance Company, Limerick.

Here There Now Then an interactive exhibition conceived for the Limerick City Gallery of Art With the support of the Arts Council of Ireland, The Cork Film Centre, Daghdha Dance Company, Special thanks to Kinsale Arts Week And with the participation of Eriko Momotani, Laura Murphy and John Hurley.

Eriko Momotani, Japanese artist and curator, has lived in Paris since 1990, where she is a well-known figure in the Parisian art world. Renowned for her Micro-Expositions, Eriko questions the notion of public and private by curating exhibitions in her own apartment, thus turning her living place into a public space. This original and personal approach brought her to the attention of the Ville de Paris, who support her work highly, and the Yokohama Triennial, who commissioned three exhibitions from Eriko in 2005, one of which was Cleary and Connolly’s Yokohama Houseguests.

John Hurley trained at the London Contemporary Dance School. He currently works as a freelance dancer with established international choreographers and dance companies in London and throughout Ireland. Laura Murphy achieved an MA Honour in Dance Performance from the Irish World Music Centre in 2003, she is currently supported by the Arts Council of Ireland to train at Laban, London's leading Contemporary Dance Conservatoire. Limerick City Gallery of Art Pery Square, Limerick Ireland + 353 61 310633

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