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August 30, 2006

Medienstammtisch @ Ars


Gathering of Independent Artists

When: Friday, September 1, starting at 10.00 p.m. :: Where: extreme couching, Goethestraße 30 (map)

The Medienstammtisch* Linz invites interested Ars Electronica Festival guests and visitors to come by during the festival. The MST includes individuals – artists, activists, cultural workers and others – from the Freie Szene (the independent art scene of Linz) and various organizations and institutions, whose special interests include tools & skills for independent artists and others working in cultural contexts, electronic and social networks, possibilities for accessing and using various types of media ...

We would be happy to talk about some of the things going on in Linz and hear about similar and related interests and experiences elsewhere, including: infrastructures (e.g. public hotspots) that can be meaningfully used for artistic and social-critical projects; working and production conditions needed for independent media art and how these can be secured; various (online and offline) communication structures and platforms that can promote cooperation and collaboration; how cooperation, collaboration, solidarity are even possible when everyone is competing (has to compete) for limited resources; the use of free software for independent media work; how tools and software need to be designed so that they can be used effectively.

Those who can't make it then will also find us at the Unofficial Time's Up "simply a party" on Saturday, September 2.

Additional information: http://www.servus.at/xchange

(*A "Stammtisch" is a table at a pub or restaurant where regulars gather to discuss certain shared interests, in our case "media". Whether the discussions lead to actions or just more talk depends on the people at the table.)

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