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August 18, 2006



An Unconference about the Challenge to Copyright

CopyCamp: An unconference for artists about the Internet and the challenge to copyright :: CopyCamp is a place to meet people making art and making waves, an opportunity to discover how the Internet can work for artists and fans, and a chance to debate the value(s) of copyright with some of the key players. It is an event in which participants drive the programming, and debates are genuine round-tables. There are no observers: everyone has something to offer and is expected to contribute.

There will be an electronic salon showcasing successful projects. There will be internationally-acclaimed experts. There will be a carefully selected mix of artists, geeks, and bureaucrats, with conversation always focused squarely on the arts, and the interests of creators. The CopyCamp organizing team is passionate about convening an event like no other you have ever attended. Space at the event is limited. There will be a number of subsidized spots for artists.

Posted by jo at August 18, 2006 08:34 AM