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August 18, 2006



Real Time Festival

SEQUENCES: Real Time Festival :: reykjavik 2006 :: October 13 - 28, 2006 :: SEQUENCES is an international cross-media festival in Reykjavik with a focus on time-based art phenomena. The festival links contemporary visual art with other media, especially sound and performative art. It will take place in different locations in the city center of Reykjav’k, accompanied by exhibitions and video / shortfilm nights. SEQUENCES will invade established spaces (museums and galleries) as well as public spaces in the city center of Iceland's capital. A fine selection of international and local artists will participate in this unique event.

The strong interrelation between visual arts, sound and performance arts is significant for Iceland's vibrant art scene. These nexuses account for specific dynamic creative processes which develop especially in time-based art projects.

Programmatic frame: //vp-nites :: A row of video- and performance nights with a rich program of international and local artists build the attractive frame of the festival, in cooperation with other institutions and festivals. The venue is an old theater by the city pond :: //shows :: Several museums, galleries and project spaces will host exhibitions that focus on time-based art phenomena.

To name a few: The National Gallery will focus on the first generation influenced by pop and punk - a show of Icelandic painting in the 1980s. The Reykjav’k Art Museum will host a group show with young Icelandic artists and the Living Art Museum will show a retrospective of Carolee Schneeman. Galleries like i8, Kling & Bang or Boreas will present single artist's statements. Off-spaces like banananas or the dwarf gallery will host installations or performances :: //public spaces :: A lot of the projects in the festival seek to invade public spaces. Not only public venues and buildings but also shops, bars and concert halls will host visual, sound or performance projects.

The detailed program will be released in middle September.

c/o CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art
Hafnarstr¾ti 16 * IS-101 Reykav’k
T:++354-562 72 62 * F:++354-562 66 56
www.sequences.is * info[at]sequences.is

Sponsored by: Baugur Group In cooperation with: CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art | Ministry of Education and Culture | The City of Reykjav’k | SêM | Goethe-Institut | Artcircolo Kunstprojekt GmbH | The Icelandic Embassy in Berlin |
Hotel Nordica

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