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August 17, 2006

not a time machine:


[: visible > audible > sensible :]

not a time machine: a composition for dancers, swimming-pool, camera, monitor and mixing board by Miha Ciglar, Mojca Kasjak, son:DA :; video file - 25 MB (divx codec) - rightclick + save target as) :: not a time machine is an interdisciplinary art project that uses dance, music and video as forms of expression. The two central elements (water and electricity) constitute the fundaments of a gestural interface. The main idea was to expose the intrinsic aesthetics of conventional electronic devices through a particular electronic connection of swimming-pool, camera, monitor and audio mixing board.

Since the dancers are electrically connected to this constellation of misused technology, they become a crucial part of the instrument and consequentially get misused as well. All of their actions (gestures) reflect themselves in unique sound events, limiting - but at the same time focusing - their standard expression spectra to the expressive potential and boundaries of the instrument. The induced sound respectively its electronic abstraction is in direct contact with the performers body and is providing a tangible feedback. This enables a different corporal perception and interpretation of the caused sound, since now the performers do not only have the audible but also a haptic reference - i.e. pain, caused by the electric current - for the choice of their following actions. In this way, a circle – based upon the principle of cause and effect – gets completed, which triggers a continuous oscillation of the three basic impressions: [: visible > audible > sensible :]. [PDF] [via VVORK]

Posted by jo at August 17, 2006 12:27 PM