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August 15, 2006



Up Dating, Art and Technology

TROYANO: Up Dating, Art and Technology :: A series of conferences that will aboard the limits between art and technology from the last experiences made by artists. The event is divided in two phases ::

<---////////////// From 6 pm in the Centre Cultural of Spain of Santiago, Chile, during the days 17, 18 and 19 of August, will be broadcasted online to Espacio H located in the city of Cordoba, Argentine. These activities will be part of the 8th Digital Days Works from Cordoba, Argentine //////////////---> To the days 24th, 25th y 26th of August in the School of Arts in the city of Valparaiso, will be transimitted the 8th Digital Days Works from Cordoba, Argentine.

PROGRAM :: Cultural Centre of Spain of Santiago, Chile :: 17 of August / 18 - 21 hrs :: Igor Stromajer (sl) : Wpack :: Marina Zerbarini (ar) : Heat, Vapor Humidity :: Turner in the XXI cent :: Enrique Rivera (cl)

18 of August / 18 - 21 hrs :: Dmitry Bulatov (ru) : Third Modenization: Works of Techno- Biological Art Works :: José Miguel Tagle (cl) : The Brain of the Chaman :: Neurobiological Rersearch and Bioelectronic Installations :: Mirko Petrovich (cl) : Gesture Control in the Audiovisual Interactive Systems.

19 of August / 18 - 21 hrs :: Angellique Waller (us) : Ebay Longing :: Eduardo Navas (sa-us) : The Culture of Remix: The influence of the Break in DJ in the Ideology of the Repetition :: Marc Tuters (ca) : Beyond Locative Media.

more information www.t-r-o-y-a-n-o.cl

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