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July 15, 2006

Social Acoustics & Media Reverberation


Acoustic Experiments, Radio Art, DiY, Urban Interventions

Social Acoustics & Media Reverberation, July 19-24, Cluj :: A week of audio workshops, sound performances and film screenings :: From July 19-24, Paul Fyvolent, a radio activist, artist and writer, and Daniel Gorman, an electronic music composer, will host an interactive workshop for artists, musicians, DJs, students and other participants from Cluj interested in acoustic experiments and radio art. The workshop is organized by D Media in collaboration with AltArt, La Gazette and Tranzit House. It is part of radio.territories, a year-long project of radio art and urban interventions in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and the UK.

The workshop focuses on using do-it-yourself media for social change, using radio to build bridges from the media world to physical spaces, and using 'cultural jamming" to deconstruct existing media. Workshop participants will create site-specific acoustic portraits of Cluj - mixing the sounds of urban spaces with interviews, stories and fragments that capture (or distort) its culture and politics. The completed works will be played at clubs and public spaces in the city, broadcast on local radio and uploaded to radio.indymedia.org.


19 July, 16:00: Tranzit House, Str. G. Baritiu nr 16 :: Intro to radio.territories project & workshop. Presentation of do it yourself media practices, the history of cultural jamming, the experimental use of acoustics by artists and free radio projects in the US and Europe.

20 July – 23 July, 11:00 – 18:30: Binar Center for Digital Culture, Str. Universitatii nr 2. :: Workshop for registered participants.

21 July, 22:00: La Gazette, Str. Clinicilor nr 16 :: Screening of "Sonic Outlaws," a film by Craig Baldwin about cultural jamming. The term "jamming" comes from the practice of amateur radio pranksters who interfered with broadcasting signals. "Sonic Outlaws" documents examples of jamming from Duchamp and Warhol to Negativland - who gained underground notoriety when they were sued by copyright U2’s copyright lawyers for parodying their songs.

22 July, 22:00: La Gazette, Str. Clinicilor nr 16 :: DJs Podp (San Francisco / Berlin) and Dan Seizure (Edinburgh) mix up electronica, d+b & world beat with visuals.

23 July, Works produced during the workshop played in Cluj and broadcast on FM – times & places will be announced. Look for updates on http://www.dmedia.ro and http://romania.indymedia.org

About the invited artists:

Pod p, aka Paul Fyvolent, is a media activist, artist, writer, DJ and the host of Pan Optic Radio (a mix of audio composting and interviews with activist artists). He has worked primarily in San Francisco and Berlin, contributing audio, texts and films to Ars Electronica, Next 5 Minutes, Noborder.org, Borderland Film and Arts Festival, Resonance FM and Radio.Indymedia.org. Pod is also a writer for Faultlines and The Journal Of Aesthetics and Protest, a co-founder of the Soundlab at Cellspace in San Francisco (http://www.cellspace.org), and is active with Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org). His latest production site for media interventions and community organisms is http://www.xlterrestrials.org.

Danseizure, aka Daniel Gorman, works in Edinburgh as an experimental composer, creating hypnotic music by sampling and distorting sounds collected from everyday life (http://www.theforest.org.uk/music/Danseizure). In 2004 he was awarded a Grant from the Scottish Arts Council to work in a dome of an abandoned American military base in Berlin, where he reversed the dome’s original constructed purpose (to listen) to produce abstract sound compositions. The recordings were featured at Transmediale 2005 on the Soundscape Website (http://berlin.soundscape-fm.net). Dan performs at The Forest, a veggie cafe/self-organized art space in Edinburgh. For the past year he has worked in Bosnia Herzegovina as Director of Firefly International, organizing exchange projects and youth workshops.

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