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July 11, 2006



Urban Intervention and Information Correction Machine

mimoSa: Urban Intervention and Information Correction Machine began as "a continuous workshop that moves around Brazilian cities collecting people's stories using recycled and reconstructed technologies." The stated goal of the project was to "alter the Brazilian mediascape." After a false start in Rio de Janeiro in late 2005, mimoSa took root in Cachoeira, Bahia, close to Salvador (Brazil's first capital). The intent was for mimoSa to be portable, however, early on project organizers realized that it made more sense to create multiple local mimoSas (Tatiana Wells).

A mere six months later there are five additional mimoSas, two in Sao Paulo, and others in Curitiba, Tibau do Sul, and Santarem. There are now eighteen "closely involved" individuals who build, promote, and archive the multimedia, and some of these individuals have small groups who regularly assist them.

mimoSa won a Beyond award at memefest 2006 and will be participating in Futuresonic 2006. Two core members of the original group, Ricardo Ruiz and Tatiana Wells helped get Upgrade! Salvador underway; Jose Balbino and Tininha Llanos are now responsible for running the node as well as mimoSa Salvador.


More about mimoSa

During the workshops groups of artists, programmers, and activists create and operate the machine. It records stories, stores them in a database, broadcasts them on FM, and records them to CD. It also prints telephone numbers and instructions on city streets and walls so that people passing by are able to access the stories via their mobile phones. mimoSa maps these activities via its web portal from which visitors can access both audio and video interviews.

"...mimoSa is also the machine constructed during these workshops, where the machine object is embodied, humanized..." (Ricardo Ruiz)


"mimoSa: Urban Intervention and Information Correctional Machine" is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

mimoSa is a midiatatica.org action

ALEXANDRE FREIRE: mobile programmer, responsible for setting up the audio mobile server.
ETIENNE DELACROIX: MIT fellow and teacher at University of Sao Paulo. Works with discarded computers and other technological garbage. Responsible for assembly of a portable PC and the machine's backbone.
GIULIANO DJAHDJAH: free-radio practitioner and documentarian, responsible for workshops and urban interventions.
LUÍS "ASA" FAGUNDES: hacker, PHP, C++ programmer.
MURMUR: a group collecting personal stories on mobile phones in Toronto, Canada. Responsible for mobile connectivity.
RICARDO RUIZ: media practitioner, responsible for workshops, construction of the machine and urban interventions.
ROMANO: radio artist and audio designer, responsible for audio recording.
TATIANA WELLS: new media researcher, responsible for urban interventions and collecting stories.

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