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June 29, 2006

Second Life


Transposition Opens in Ars Virtua

Friday June 30: Temporal abstractions of information have always been important to communicate ideas, whether simple or complex. By translating information into a visual form, were able to reflect upon it with a different perspective. This creation of perspective is the key to transposition.

Transposition is the ability to translate data from one form to another without a loss of information. Transposition is most often used as an algorithmic process to translate information into a more coherent and understandable format. With an increasingly computer enabled world, our collection and cataloging of data is growing by the second. With new forms of data comes the demand for new means to display those forms, and herein lies the job of the transpositionist.

The transpositionist must decide upon the appropriate algorithm to use to convey their perspective on the information. This can be for analysis, speculation, criticism, aesthetic abstraction, or simply experimentation. The end goal influences the disciplines the transpositionist must call upon to appropriately execute his or her idea.

This show includes projects with very different data sets and very different intentions. Data sets ranging from four letter words to prescription pharmaceuticals, to the blogosphere and beyond. Each takes on a unique method for presenting a perspective on information that otherwise would remain unseen.

Opening Friday June 30 from 8pm - 10pm SLT (Pacific Time); secondlife://dowden/41/58

Ars Virtua is a new type of exhibition venue that leverages the tension between the 3d rendered game space and the space occupied by meat. It is part of a series of projects that explore the virtual as the new real.

Located at the edge of Butler and Dowden, in the world of Second Life. To view the exhibit you will need to create an account, download the client and create an avatar http://secondlife.com/join

Ars Virtua's 3000 square meter two story building is divided into a main gallery space, a lounge and shop and residency space.

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