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June 16, 2006

Mapping System/Bird's Eye View


Overlapping of city space and web space

[posted by Yukihiko YOSHIDA] Collaboration of Performance Artist and Mapping System / Media Art Team Un-simultaneous / Tokyo: Hidenori Watanabe (photon.co); Yukihiko Yoshida (dance critic, digital community); Taro Nishimoto (artist, director); and Kazuho Kimura (editor, "Save the Shimokitazawa").

We are taking a lot of pictures of "Image of the city" and archiving them in the web-space now. Moreover, we can plot them on the map of Google Earth/Maps automatically or manually, by using "Mapping System".

Now, we can experience both of bird's eye view/overall aspect and looking up/personal aspect with a familiar tool. A new interpretation to the city will come to the consideration field when individual's aspect are overlapped in the bird's-eye view. But, it is necessary to set the theme "Of what do you take a picture?" to derive a persuasive result of workshop.

The collaboration with the performance artists is planned in this workshop. It is a collaboration of Artists who do the expression activity by a personal body and "Mapping system", the tool of bird's-eye view.

Let's think about "Overlapping of city space and web space", "New interpretation method of city space", through walking in the town, taking a picture, and mapping.

Please prepare the camera phone with the GPS function or Digital camera and GPS device if possible when you participate.

"Mapping system" is developed by Photon, Inc. Please refer to "Sakura Mapping Project" project. (Green Photon + Executive committee of Earth Day Tokyo). http://mapping.jp

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