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June 16, 2006

transmediale 2007


Call for Competition, Festival, Club

transmediale.07: festival for art and digital culture berlin :: 31 January - 4 February 2007 :: club transmediale.07: international festival for electronic music and related visual arts :: 26 January - 3 February 2007. Call for Entries: :: Deadline: 8 September 2006 :: Award Ceremony: 3 February 2007.

transmediale.07 Award Competition: transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin, invites submissions for its Award Competition 2007. The competition highlights outstanding contemporary artistic positions in digital media art. The international jury will award one main prize of EUR 4.000, and two second prizes of EUR 2.000 each.

The transmediale award is a major international award for art reflecting on the aesthetical and cultural impact of new technologies. Previous award winners have included renowned artists like Shilpa Gupta (in), Zhou Hongxiang (cn), Istvan Kantor (ca), Thomas Koener (de), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (de), Netochka Nezvanova (us), Adrian Ward (uk), schoenerwissen (de), Herwig Weiser (at), 242.pilots (no/pl/us), and others.

As a festival for art and digital culture, transmediale presents advanced artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural impact of new technologies. It seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to scientific or technical developments, but that try to shape the way in which we think about and experience these technologies. transmediale understands media technologies as cultural techniques which need to be embraced in order to comprehend, critique, and shape our contemporary society.

Digital media are increasingly used by artists of all disciplines to express their ideas and to explore new aesthetic territories and the relation between art and technology. What is important for transmediale, though, is that the artistic practices do not only make use of technologies, but that they imply a reflection about the aesthetic, cultural and social dimensions of such technological developments. transmediale and its competition promote an understanding of media art as a sounding board and catalyst for a critical and creative expansion of the potential of human agency through new technologies.

We invite the submission of works and projects that respond to this challenge. We are interested in works that expand our understanding of digital image and sound aesthetics, of narrative, of interactivity and, in particular, the cultural significance of software and computer programming as cultural techniques. However, we are also curious to see the submission of works outside of these areas, works that expand our notions of artistic practice, and works which can makea strong argument for the crucial role that new technologies play in our perception and projection of a contemporary global culture.

Together with the jury, we explicitly welcome submissions from artists who live and work outside of Western Europe and North America.

transmediale is hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH in cooperation with Akademie der Kuenste. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

club transmediale

club transmediale (CTM) - festival for adventurous music and related visual arts - takes place in conjunction with the transmediale. CTM is an independent platform for new forms of electronic and experimental music and for the various artistic activity drawing infl uences from and refering to sound- and club culture. It presents outstanding productions in digital, electronic and experimental music, audio-visual performance and installation.

CTM reflects on the role of contemporary music culture as a changing agent for present society and - due to the massive dissemination of music - as one of the key elements to shape the transformation processes that characterise todays mediasphere. With a focus on the exploration of performative concepts, informal networks and the interaction between different media formats - especially of image and sound - CTM emphasises the situative potential of live music and performance. Thus it encourages the crossover of institutional, academic and subcultural contexts.

club transmediale invites the submission of works and projects in the fields of digital, electronic and experimental music, audiovisual performance, sound art, installation, video-performance/VJing, music video and of design concepts aimed to shape social situations and communication processes related to music culture.

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