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June 07, 2006



From Nowhere to Nothing

ZOT! was formed in 2005 by Luca Tanzini (theremin+video), Luca Cascino (drum), Nicola Cascino (guitar) and Patrizia Musino (sax) as an improvisational, experimental multi-media ensemble. The final outcome of early 20th Century thought was to make pure cinema as visual music and express oneself through a rhythm that stood for nothing but itself. The project is based around improvisational use of mixed technologies (analogical - digital) that allow to realize and adapt the ideas of the first experimenters in a contemporary live-video-music performance.

ZOT! creates a space where any sound, text, video or texture, is treated as a possible contribution to the ambient situation, every performance must be different, surprise, chance and variety are far more important. The visual aspect will be, instead, created in real time, using ZOT! own original computer-software: RandomCinema and Musica a Colori.

In occasion of their trip to one of the most important avantgarde arts-electronic festival in Europe - EXPO 2006 - Manchester UK. ZOT! will perform in Dublin at lower deck on 23th of June 2006.

ZOT!/LESA (Situationist Space)
"Music-Video and Poetry from nowhere to nothing"


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