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June 06, 2006

Recombinant Media Labs


Thomas Brinkmann + Thomas Koner

Fresh from headlining at Montreal’s MUTEK festival and his hometown in Cologne, Germany, you are invited to attend a very special educational event where Thomas Brinkmann himself will pilot a series of provocative real time “sessions” on the science of sonic propagation hosted by Recombinant Media Lab's [RML] director of operations, Naut Humon. Come and meet Thomas as he demonstrates mixes and manipulations on the extraordinary SURROUND TRAFFIC CONTROL immersive sound system. This is pure beat banging, texture mapping techno that’s totally out of the ordinary and then the KLICK format utilizes his experimental vinyl cutting techniques. Don’t miss this chance to be up close and personal with the music.and its creator in a high resolution research environment.

Though he’s been famed for productions on his own Max Ernst and Suppose labels, Brinkmann gained a prominence in the experimental and electronic community for his full-length remixes (or as he terms them, “variations”) of material by Richie Hawtin and Mike Ink. The variations were made possible by playback of the original records on a turntable of Brinkmann’s own design, which included two tone arms with separate outputs for left and right channels…. With the two arms playing the track simultaneously from two different positions, previously nonexistent patterns are extracted from the music.

He is a former artist of the famous art school in Düsseldorf, but got kicked out because of his radical arguments and modern thinking in terms of art. He started doing scratch loops in the beginning of the 80s because he liked the idea of a step sequencer. Mathematically thought out, he developed a precise art of scratching the the grooves with a sharp knife-like instrument into the vinyl. Complex grooves were the result and he started to do variations with the Studio 1 records, by using his special designed record player with the two systems. He turned down the speed and came up with a dopplereffect which sounded like dub.... His sound can be described as machine music with just a little bit of organic bump enough to make you jump & move. Each bass drum, each hi hat is detectable. This goes from very abstract minimal music to a more Krautrock electronic approach. Accomplished artist and generous performer, Thomas Brinkmann likes to say that it’s all a question of turning knobs with precision and subtlety. If fate plays in his favor, no doubt that all spectators confronted by his savoir-faire will have little chance against being magically struck by the force of his devastating dynamics.


THOMAS KONER: FROM THE OUTSKIRTS OF NOTHING TO THE SUBURBS OF THE VOID: absence and emptiness.in cinematic space at RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS, SF. a LIVE AUDIO / VISUAL WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE IN TWO SESSIONS OVER TWO EVENINGS Thursday, June 22nd at 8:00 pm and Friday, June 23rd at 8:00 pm . $15 per session in advance on Paypal. Reservations are strongly suggested! Capacity is limited.

Thomas Koner is one of the most respected electronic composers in the genre, over the past 15 years, Koner's dedication to intensive sound research and collaborations with leading filmmakers has placed him at the epicenter of where sound and contemporary art collide. Beyond that, he is half of the legendary techno act Porter Ricks, their releases on Chain Reaction and Force Inc. have electrified and influenced a vast array of producers and admirers. His current works that combine and extend auditory image experiences has been awarded the top prizes at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, and numerous significant film festivals. A number of those international exhibition video works will be shown here in a performative context at RML's surround cinematic symposia.

Recombinant Media Labs seeks to foster the creative evolution and development of cutting edge techniques for real time spatial media synthesis; techniques which incorporate and push the formal aesthetic/technical boundaries of surround cinema, immersive audio/visual environments and live musical performance. [via Rhizome]

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