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May 16, 2006

How Bodies Matter: Five Themes for Interaction Design


Physical Bodies

The body is the ultimate instrument of all our external knowledge, whether intellectual or practical… experience [is] always in terms of the world to which we are attending from our body. — Michael Polanyi

"ABSTRACT: Our physical bodies play a central role in shaping human experience in the world, understanding of the world, and interactions in the world. This paper draws on theories of embodiment — from psychology, sociology, and philosophy — synthesizing five themes we believe are particularly salient for interaction design: thinking through doing, performance, visibility, risk, and thick practice. We introduce aspects of human embodied engagement in the world with the goal of inspiring new interaction design ap-proaches and evaluations that better integrate the physical and computational worlds.

Author Keywords: Embodiment, bodies, embodied interaction, ubiquitous computing, phenomenology, interaction design." How Bodies Matter: Five Themes for Interaction Design by Scott R. Klemmer, Björn Hartmann and Leila Takayama [via pasta and vinegar]

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