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February 09, 2006

On & Off:


The Expanding Domain of Internet Art

"Concurrent with a wave of technological optimism and new capabilities during the mid-’90s was the steady rise of “net.art.” Artists who used the internet to make and distribute work could easily subvert institutional and market-based constricts, had no historical shadow to answer to, could “show” their work 24/7, and—crucially—work without spending a fortune on materials. The star of internet art may have faded slightly since (mirroring the decline of utopian rhetoric about the internet’s ability to provide a new level playing field), but it certainly hasn’t disappeared, as exhibitions like The New Museum’s Rhizome ArtBase 101 and recent solo shows by artists like Cory Arcangel and Jacob Ciocci have shown. Internet art may actually be more “present” than ever—just not exclusively in virtual space." From On & Off: the Expanding Domain of Internet Art by Caitlin Jones, NYFA Current.

Posted by jo at February 9, 2006 10:53 AM