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December 07, 2005



Graffiti Hackers

Graffiti Hackers: Text-message projectors. Paintball printers. Wall-crawling robots. The new crew of tech taggers makes a name for itself. By Sonia Zjawinski

"...FLASHLIGHT BRIGADE: Who: PIPS: lab art collective; Where: Amsterdam; How: Audience members are asked to draw using a variety of light sources: an aerosol can rigged with a 3-volt bulb for producing skinny lines, a battery pack attached to a handheld 12-volt lamp to make thicker strokes, or a 220-volt spotlight for larger-than-life beams. A digital camera set for a 30-second exposure captures the light trail. A brief flash ends the shot, revealing the artist and capturing the scribbled illustration. (Pablo Picasso did much the same thing for photographer Gjon Mili in 1949.) Stills and video of the installation, called Lumasolator, are displayed during the performance and uploaded onto the group's Web site. Word: "Graffiti belongs to the people, but not everybody is allowed to express themselves on the streets," says PIPS:lab cofounder Keez Duyves." Continue reading >>

Posted by jo at December 7, 2005 12:48 PM