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October 03, 2005

Re=purpose of Information:

Art as Network

"This paper presents an analytic perspective on the nature of Art as Network. The network (internet and intranets) is described as having properties of a nonlinear complex system, which serve to enable a network semiotic enabled by entailment meshwork. The network semiotic includes the characteristics of hierarchical structure, tendency towards self-organization and chaotic attractors, resulting in the emergence of self-similar alternates which function as dissimulators of interaction and immediacy. Art as Network is an exploration of the pandemonium of agencies forming entailment meshwork.

Art as Network is intended as a subject of discourse, not declaration. Certainly, I do not suppose that the particular theoretical investigations that I have chosen to discuss herein are the only points where the discourse of Art as Network is possible. My emphasis on complexity and semiotics involving entailment mesh, nonlinear dynamics, self-organization, homogeneity, dissimulation and the notion of alternates, is to establish a framework in which are present domains from which the artist might experiment. From Re=purpose of Information: Art as Network by Joel Slayton, SWITCH, V:4 N:2

Posted by jo at October 3, 2005 08:45 AM