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September 28, 2005



Hybridization of Practices

TRANSMISSIONS crystallizes the integration of creativity in the arts, science and technologies. Today research, experimentation and creation in new media are, by their volume, at least comparable to what could have been produced in the 1960's, with the development of mass media. The hybridization of the practices and the digital components between the scientific, technical and artistic fields invigorates inventive processes, experimentalism, interdisciplinarity or transdisciplinarity. The artists are unceasingly exploring the potential of technology for new relations with the world, new constructions of knowledge and new social spaces and means of expression. The researcher thus intersects with the artist or the mediator, in their common zest for experimentation.

TRANSMISSIONS will present, in their authors' presence, the works and the devices that are the results of research in progress, thereby encouraging exchange and dialogue between the public and the authors as a creative approach to technology.

Given the multiplicity of image formats and an increasing complexity of our relationships with them, TRANSMISSIONS traverses the non exclusive axes that deal with the common concerns of the artistic, scientific and heritage fields:

Screen/Surface: the willingness to leave the image on the computer standard screen, to invest other materials and supports (as in Electronic Shadows presentation, at ICHIM 04);
Sonic experiments: the wealth and diversity of experimentations with sound;
Body-as-Interface: supplanting technical interfaces in favor of a more intuitive interaction between the body and the device;
Hybrid reality (Global Positioning System and Augmented Reality): physical and digital space fusion, experiencing space;
Archiving and indexing: Constituting, locating and hijacking network content;
Time-space laboratory: New articulations in time and space.
Back to the future: Experiments in Art and Technology: rediscovering the pioneering role of E.A.T. in the domain of research at the intersections of art, science and technology.

Adrien de Melo, Christophe Leclercq, Xavier Perrot.


The Exhibition opens on the afternoons of 22 & 23 September at the Maison internationale, RER Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (14e).

Thursday September 22, 2005
Exhibition opening: 4.30PM.
Official inauguration: 6.00PM.
Exhibition closing: 10.00PM.

Friday September 23, 2005
Exhibition opening: 2.00PM.
Exhibition closing: 8.30PM.

Free entrance upon invitation.
Contact and reservations : transmissions@ichim.org

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