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September 22, 2005



a synchronous union

amorphy.org produces original works of live performance and installation connecting image, movement, and design elements in a synchronous union that creates incredibly detailed performances. To push boundaries of presentation, interactive technologies are utilized in selected works (optic tracking systems, sensor interfaces, live video mixing, Max/MSP programming software, etc.) Issues such as difficulty of communication amidst never-ceasing technological advance are tackled and dissected; impact of close proximity urban living, politically and sociologically inspired topics of interest, and other fascinations. The work is intrinsically hybrid in nature, meaning the merger of art forms to create an integrated performance. We are humans living in a complex world and the work we create is likewise complex and packed with layers where each element can be viewed as a discrete layer that combines to create a complete whole. Although amorphy.org is a structured entity, the work is collaborative in nature and new colleagues enter on per project basis and in some cases strike long-term partnerships. The present goal of the company is to continue challenging existing models of art creation with an emphasis on a co-existence and fusion of interactive media and performing arts. As a long-term goal amorphy.org is in the process of creating the first Media Lab Center facility in Greece in the next two years with the kind support of governmental and private funding bodies.

Posted by jo at September 22, 2005 07:35 AM