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September 15, 2005



Modern Day Rites and Invigorating Spectacle

Mediate--by Brian Knoth (aka Theta State)--is a spiritually and socio-politically charged thirty-minute multimedia installation intended for alternative art spaces. Utilizing shamanic ritual as a conceptual backbone, a mixture of original music, video, performance art and mixed-media sculpture abstracts the transformational experience.

Original music, in a sometimes cacophonous and contradictory mix of tribal-electro pastiche surrounds... creating a completely immersive experience. Moving image tweaks consciousness in conceptually and viscerally driven image juxtaposition...Progressions through a childhood regression, evoke the modern day rite...In concert, projected word clusters reflect and deflect, visually echoing the critical deflection inculcated in our status quo culture. The piece crescendos in an invigorating spectacle of sound, text, image and light.

Next Exhibition: As part of Arts Central 2005..., Sunday, September 18th 12-6pm @ Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), 675 Mass. Ave., enter on Prospect Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Posted by jo at September 15, 2005 10:09 AM