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September 07, 2005

Celebrating Quixote through new media


Ingenio 400

You can now visit http://www.ingenio400.com/ to learn the names of the Finalist Pieces in Ingenio 400, the Video Art, Short Film and Net Art Awards organised by the Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales (SECC).

600 artists were invited to reinterpret D. Quixote through new media, 400 years after being created by Spanish writer Cervantes. A total of 35 works –12 shorts, 13 video creations and 10 net-art pieces- have been chosen as candidates for the Jury and Audience Prizes, which total € 90,000.

Furthermore, until October 3rd, you can vote to elect the winners of the Ingenio 400 Audience Prizes. There are three awards: one for each category –shorts, video art and net art– and they are endowed with € 5,000 each. Enter Ingenio 400 and vote for your favourite pieces among the Finalists. The winners will depend on your votes.

Posted by luis at September 7, 2005 05:11 AM