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September 01, 2005

UNESCO Online Seminar


Art, Design and Technology Master Classes in the Arab States

Creative Thinking, Writing and Design UNESCO Online Seminar, CALL FOR APPLICATIONS [in cooperation with Lebanese partner universities ALBA, AUB and LAU and Finnish Media Lab, UIAH]. The course will focus on the intellectual linkage of art, design and technology. Students will also be presented with a range of criteria to analyse the context of creative practises in new media. 50 students will be selected to participate in the first online phase of the course.

Course Content, Part 1: Introduction to Art and New Media in the Arab States, with a case-study of Lebanon; Arabic typography and design culture; Typographic Landscape in the Arab world.

Dates of the Course

- Applications/pre-registration: 01 September 2005
- Application close: 14 October 2005
- Programme starts 31 October 2005
- Programme finishes 28 February 2006

Online application open to students :

- From the Arab States with Bachelor's degree in design (graphic, industrial, furniture, fashion, etc.), architecture, arts (fine arts, music, etc.), computer sciences, media (journalism, video/film, etc.), humanities (history, political sciences, social sciences, history, languages, psychology, education)
- With good computer skills and have creative interest
- With an online portfolio
More information and registration online at:

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