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August 01, 2005

Exploration of TIME + Delay Phone


Delay as a New Communication Style

The Exploration of TIME exhibition poses the question "(i)s it "time" that produced humans, or is it humans that created "time"? "Humans are inseparably bound up with "time." Time assumes diverse, multi-layered forms in the world ranging from the micro- and macro-world of science such as the universe, living organisms, life, and materials, to the world of cultural representations such as Our explorations and experiences in a new world of time will certainly provide us with a hint for humans' future lifestyle or ways to deepen our thinking."

Delay Phone, by Ryota Kuwakubo, is a video phone system that allows users to intentionally increase or decrease the delay in audio communication. This system is designed to experience how subtle changes of the delay in audio communication may affect our inter-personal communication. It may also allow users to see how new communication styles may emerge with a certain amount of delay.

One of Kawakubo's major interests is in how technologies may change the way people communicate. R/V and PLX clearly reflect his interests in this area. Even, a knocking machine Duper/Looper is inspired by the way we communicate in a specific context: bathrooms. Imagine a machine like this inside a bathroom, which knocks back the door copying exactly the way you knocked…Related websites: vector::scan and Time Travel Exibition at YCAM (in Japanese) [blogged by manekineko on we-make-money-not]

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