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July 28, 2005

intelligent agent Vol. 5 No. 1


Artistic Virtual Environments, Aesthetics and Experiences

Guest Editor: Dena Elisabeth Eber, Artistic Virtual Environments, Aesthetics and Experiences: This special issue of Intelligent Agent presents six essays that explore the aesthetics connected with virtual environments created and presented as works of art, works about art, or related genres. The essays primarily focus on the aesthetic experience for participants, aesthetic analysis, content, emotional content, emotional experiences, and the qualities of the medium.

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Dena Eber, Greg Little, Brian Betz, "The Aesthetic Experience, Emotion and an Artistic Virtual Environment": Eber, Little, and Betz explore the aesthetic experience for participants interacting with artistic virtual environments (AVEs). Their essay presents aformal study that measures the experience through the emotional response of participants, which gauges the perceived emotional content of the AVE. The authors examine if this kind of content coupled with the immersive qualities of the AVE facilitates a rich aesthetic experience and thus a high feeling of presence for the participant.

Josephine Anstey, "Agents in Love. On the Construction and Use of Emotional Characters in VR": Anstey discusses her approach to interactive drama that provides an "emotional terrain" for the participants to discover. According to Anstey, emotional response is best elicited by employing two key components, the application of dramatic tools for narrative media to immersive virtual environments and the use of artificial intelligent agent-actors that guide participants. Anstey applies ideas similar to Alfred Hitchcock's psychological approach to a scripting process in which the theme centers on anxiety and emotional tension.

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This issue was made possible by funding from the New York State Council for the Arts, a state agency.

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