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July 26, 2005



HTML Wrestling

"How did you come up with this idea? What was the concept behind this Infomera HTML Wrestling?

The idea was to create an ephemeral project for the Internet. The name of the website is the combination of to ideas "informacion" (Spanish: information) and "efimera" (Spanish: ephemeral; feminine version). I deal a lot with the isis and tropos process with objects and I was hoping to create a metaphor of this on the web.

Infomera.net is a process that happens on the web, two artists confront each other in a context elaborated as a metaphor within a specific period of time. Infomera.net is a conceptual performance/happening elaborated as a ludic expression that demonstrates the diffusion and execution of the technique between the confronting artists. Its not really a fight; its more of a collective expression between two people, an event of user/artist expectations and unique situation's." From Ephemeral Angel: Arcangel Constantini, Wrestler, Artist, Curator, Petite Mort, Issue #3.

Posted by jo at July 26, 2005 09:52 AM