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July 22, 2005

Autonomous Expressionism and Network Arts:


New Paradigms in Art, Emotional Interaction, and Information Retrieval

"Abstract: In this dissertation, I depart from traditional computer science metrics and methodologies and introduce a new framework for building computer systems with an emphasis on the creation of new artistic installations and interactions. Specifically, I introduce Autonomous Expressionism, an extension of Abstract Expressionism, whose goal optimizes the emotional experience in human computer interaction. I exemplify Autonomous Expressionism through the creation of several installations which externalize the World Wide Web as a repository of cultural connections; this is Network Arts. Each installation uses media...as a source and directs a performance using salient images and text found via web search. Together, the development of Autonomous Expressionism and Network Arts provides several advancements in Information Retrieval and Interaction Design. Additionally, I sub-classify types of Media Arts installations, which provides a framework for their comparison. Finally, I look towards the integration of Autonomous Expressionism in product design and software interaction." From Autonomous Expressionism and Network Arts: New Paradigms in Art, Emotional Interaction, and Information Retrieval, by David Ayman Shamma, Northwestern University [via]

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