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April 18, 2005

Music using Games


Game Engines to Performance Environments

"Following on from my research into controllers as instruments I have been looking at artists and programmers that have turned existing game engines info performance and composition environments. If you know of any more, please post a comment and I will post them here.

Vladimir Todorovic over at tadar.game music uses the Unreal engine for this purpose. He also provides the tools to download and do this yourself, as well as some mp3 releases.


Andrew Garton in his audiovisual performance uses the unreal engine. Objects, which can be seen in this screen grab, have been assigned sounds which are set off when "nudged" by the player. Two to three levels are planned, each with their own set of sound objects that bounce from one end of the "performance space" to the other.


q3pd by delire and pix uses the Quake3 engine to synthesis sounds in Pure Data. Bot and player location, view angle, weapon state and local texture details are sent to PureData over a port connection. Any map can be used, but a map has been created specifically as a performance environment." [blogged by Chris from Pixelsumo]

Posted by jo at April 18, 2005 12:31 PM