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April 11, 2005

Virtual Narrations


New Narration as a Mental Potentiality

"...Despite all of the intervening caesuras and interruptions, narration as a cultural practice seems to have experienced a virtual Renaissance at the end of the twentieth century.[2] Strikingly, this can be felt not only in literature and film, but with particular intensity in the electronic media. The Internet as a new mode of communication has achieved the status of a mass medium and now requires adequate ways of communicating content. But even the well-established medium of video is once again drawing on narrative strategies and establishing a form of storytelling that raises a variety of questions: Do these narrative practices really constitute a Renaissance of storytelling, i.e. do they represent the hope that, after the collapse of the great utopias in the seventies, a new form can be found with which to render narratives viable once again?..." from Virtual Narrations: From the Crisis of Storytelling to New Narration as a Mental Potentiality by Söke Dinkla, Medien Kunst Netz.

Posted by jo at April 11, 2005 07:28 AM