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March 24, 2005



Body as Interface

HyPod is an interactive multimedia installation that invites the public to use their bodies as an interface and, coordinating their movements with other people in the same dark room, navigate a hyperdimensional world of images and sounds created by dozens of artists around the world. HyPod is based on a Web-based project called HyGrid.

HyGrid is a digital art piece currently undergoing collaborative creation by many different artists around the globe in a continued visual dialogue. With HyPod, a group of people gathered in the same physical location can navigate together through HyGrid. Using their bodies as an interface, they can experience how it feels to collaborate and interact with other participants in the process of viewing the work. Beside the images created by Sito Electronic Arts collective, HyPod also features original sound integrated with the interactive installation.

Lenara Verle is an artist and researcher in the field on Net art and collaborative art. Participates since 1994 in the award-winning group Sito Electronic Arts (www.sito.org - receiver of the Prix Ars Electronica in 1996 for the collaborative project HyGrid). Summer 2000 UNESCO-ASCHBERG resident artist at the art and technology research center CAiiA+STAR, England (www.caiia-star.net).

CAPES/APARTES Young Artist Grant laureate 2001 at the New School, New York. Participated in collaborative art exhibits in Rome, Italy; Porto Alegre, Brazil; Montreal, Canada; New York and Los Angeles, USA. [via Rhizome]

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