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January 03, 2005

Welcome To The Jungle

"Unitary Urbanism envisages the urban environment as the terrain of participatory games. We are thus able to envisage making use of the climatic conditions in which two major architectural civilizations arose -- in Cambodia and in southwest Mexico -- in order to construct moving cities in the jungle.

The new neighborhoods of such a city could be constructed increasingly toward the west (which would be gradually reclaimed as one goes along), while to the same extent the east would be abandoned to the overgrowth of topical vegetation, thereby creating, on its own, zones of gradual transition between the modern city and wild nature. This city, pursued by the forest, would offer unsurpassable zones of derive that would take shape behind it.

We are only at the beginning of urban civilization; it is up to us to bring it about ourselves. Digital Unitary Urbanism maintains an interest in technology as a means of evoking a new kind of urbanism characterized by the ability of individuals and social groups to appropriate and co-create urban space. Technological products and systems by no means have to be developed with pre-defined goals or use patterns in mind. DUU encourages ‘bottom-up’ technological manifestations in which individuals rather than institutions define content, use and structure."

Originally blogged on FishArePeopleToo. The Digital Unitary Urbanism presentation is here.

Posted by jo at January 3, 2005 10:27 AM