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December 06, 2004



Urban Mobile Theatre Platform

The TROIA project comprises the development and production of an urban mobile theatre platform by a wide range of leading European theatre-makers, artists, architects, engineers and scientists.

The whole purpose of TROIA is to focus public awareness and discussion on the technologies of political control within the context of a fast developing Europe. It takes the most recent reports of the Manchester based Omega Foundation as its starting point. From this TROIA will develop a futuristic stage, a huge transportable building that will appear in the public forum and engage the public in ways expected and unexpected. Indeed this mobile modular container will function like a latterday Trojan Horse by infiltrating the concious and unconcious precepts of both the visitors and passers by alike. Though it has the appearance of a gift it carries a dangerous and at times subversive content.

The architectural structure is a travelling citizens forum, a hybrid info-box with a spectacular architectural presence. It is designed for the temporary positioning in the centre of Kaunas, Vienna and Prague, cities central to the fault lines of recent European history. Following the projects completion is intended to install TROIA at a well situated permanent site.

Embedded within the architecture is media art and technology that will engage actors and visitors in interaction. The subject matter is communicated by the employment of performers acting as undercover agents provocateurs with a performance based on a script that is individually generated by each host country where TROIA is exhibited, thereby making it as culturally relevant as possible. The actors, not detectable as such, mingle with the crowd and go to see the multi-media event with them. Their main task is to initiate conversations and to infiltrate the public space with information and opinions.

This combination of subtle dissemination and spectacular form should open a field of tension within the visitor that lasts well after the project is finished ... in fact planting a Trojan "seed" in the the viewer that can inform the public discussion on the issues the exhibition raises and thereby contribute to an active development of society in which it appears. [via mobile audience]

Posted by jo at December 6, 2004 10:50 AM