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September 21, 2004

Instruction works


Tell me what to do

100(11) instruction works is a project for the 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival in Toronto, Canada, from October 20-31, 2004.

For this project, iKatun will accept submissions of instruction works from collaborators in Toronto and around the world via this website. The website will be open for submissions until October 31. During the festival, iKatun will choose one instruction work per day to realize/enact/perform/install. These performance-enactments might take place at the festival or anywhere else in Toronto.

iKatun will perform/enact at least 2 versions of every instruction chosen. We may spend the entire day creating different variations of the same instruction piece to explore the space between script and action, author and performer, festival space and public space. iKatun is also collaborating with InterAccess, an innovative electronic media arts center in Toronto, for the webcasting, streaming video and video documentation of this piece.

Posted by jo at September 21, 2004 10:18 AM