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September 18, 2004



questions of authorship

Re:action is a website and audio visual installation which uses contemporary dance to infuse new media art with the qualities of performance. What first appears to be a dance film in a continuous loop, over time shifts and changes. Unlike a conventional film, the scenes that make up Re:action are not always shown in the same order or from the same viewpoints. Re:action is being re-edited as the viewer watches. However, this re-editing process is controlled not by the artists but by the active participation of the website audience. Simultaneously, the spatial soundscape overlaps in constantly different ways as the viewer moves through the exhibition.

Each journey through the website is recorded and then fed through to the installation, resulting in an outcome which exists only in the moment. The work is constantly remade as each new website user interacts with it in a different way. The control the artists have over the outcome is diminished, emphasising the questions of authorship that arise through collaboration, by extending the collaboration to include the audience.

Re:action is a collaboration between Ed Holroyd, interdisciplinary arts company Eshoda Arts, and filmmakers from Suited and Booted Studios.

Posted by jo at September 18, 2004 07:49 AM