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August 24, 2004

author your own


Urban Tapestries

Urban Tapestries is "an experimental location based wireless platform that allows users to access and author location-specific content (text, audio, pictures and movie)." Initially created by artists, the project rejects the template of conventional tourist guides in favour of public authoring informed by local knowledge and shared experience. It seeks to enable people as their own authors and agents, to ‘map’ and 'mark’ territory as part of belonging and of feeling a sense of ownership in their own environment.

"The structure of the art world is a world in which you go to a place to receive an experience," Giles Lane, one of the developers of the London-based says. In the future, artists will still be important for their spark, but the balance will shift from a push model to a more engaged, multi-directional relationship." (from receiver "Walking Through Sound" by David Toop.)

They recently ran a 4-week free trial of of the Symbian UIQ smartphone version of UT in London and will be reporting on it shortly. They hope it will provide interesting information on public authoring technologies, reveal uses to which they have already been put, and allow new uses to emerge.

For more information, see Giles Lane, Social Tapestries: public authoring and civil society

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Interesting post by Dan Hill on his cityofsound blog: http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2004/06/urban_tapestrie_1.html

Posted by: Jo at September 4, 2004 12:24 PM

and another http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2004/06/urban_tapestrie.html

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Paper called "Sensing the City and Other Stories" by Katrina Jungnickel: http://proboscis.org.uk/publications/SNAPSHOTS_sensingthecity.pdf

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"Proboscis Probes Urban Public Authoring"
By Howard Rheingold: http://www.thefeature.com/article?articleid=101142&ref=3653887

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