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August 22, 2004

Jane's blog


Blogging, for Real?

Hi, Im Jane and Im an 18 year old supermodel from the Ukraine. Im lying, Im a 28 year old hair stylist from Minnesota...Im really psyched to share my blog with you guys...and if you have something to share with me, go for it! especially if you have a cute brother or know where to find a great hamburger. xo, J (by the way, Im not actually real, Im a fictitious character on the TV series Good Girls Don't. But that wont stop me from writing to you every day. I mean, every weekday. Cause on weekends Im in party mode.)

Via "Jonah Peretti and Jane's Blog", 16:26 JST Blogging about Blogging-Joi's Ito's Diary

Posted by jo at August 22, 2004 01:02 PM