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This calculator allows you to determine what your data bits are worth on the open market so you can request proper compensation when it is asked from you. For instance, a typical cellular phone company will ask for your address, date of birth, phone number, Social Security number and driver's license to open a new account. Consult our data calculator and that will be $13.75 please!

Refer to this calculator when you interact with all businesses and goverment agencies. Make sure you get a cut of the profits from the reselling of your information. (A downloadable data calculator for Pocket PCs is on the way.)

We used the following sources to determine the worth of your individual data bits: Accurint, Aristotle, ChoicePoint, ChoiceTrust, DocuSearch, Experian, KnowX, Merlin Data, and Pallorium. There are many other commercial data warehouses in the U.S., but these are some of the most popular and represent the general types of information that are for sale.